Boundary Gate celebrates 31 years.



Boundary Gate is an owner operated hunter/jumper training facility that provides horse, owner, and rider with a unique level of care and attention. In the Australian tradition, the Cowley family cheerfully welcomes all who cross through the boundary gates. Because the family and staff live on site, the horses have people around them 7 days a week. Heidi Cowley and Jamie Cheney ride, train, and teach while supervising the operations of the facility. 

The Boundary Gate facility includes:

  • Covered riding arena used year round; includes lights, sprinklers, sand & rubber footing

  • Large, riding open field used in spring, summer, & fall

  • Stalls, 12’ x 12’,

  • Covered paddocks, 12’ x 24’

  • Stalls, 12’ x 12’, with open paddocks 12’ x 16’

  • Covered turnout area, 50’ x 50,’ and 4 open turnout areas of varying sizes.


Lessons are offered at Boundary Gate with the goal of teaching horsemanship and riding skills while enabling the rider to understand and apply what s/he has learned. Please contact us for further information.

Haul-in Lessons:

It is possible to arrange to haul in a horse for lessons. If this is desired, please contact us at Boundary Gate to make an appointment.


Boundary Gate provides a happy place for your horse to live. The Cowley family lives on the premises, providing a full-time caring atmosphere in which the horses thrive. Training focuses on creating a positive partnership between horse and rider.

Training includes:

  • Lessons, up to 5 training sessions per week

  • Horses are worked 6 days per week in a combination of the following:

  • Owner takes a lesson on his/her horses

  • A horse is ridden by trainer or staff

  • Trainer or staff does ground work with the horse

  • Blanketing - yes, even in Sunny California


Board includes cleaning and maintaining stalls 7 days per week; high quality shavings in the stalls; automatic waterers; feeding 3 times a day with a complete feed pellet and alfalfa grass hay; supplement program also available.

Veterinary care

Boundary Gate has a relationship with a variety of medical professionals to care for all aspects of your horses health.



IEA Team


Covered Arena

Supplement Program

Hot Wash Rack

Covered and Open Turnout

Field with bank complex and natural obstacles.